Episode 252

July 28, 2020


[E252] Relational Brand Building, with Jarrett Thomas (Part 2)

[E252] Relational Brand Building, with Jarrett Thomas (Part 2)
Authentic Persuasion Show
[E252] Relational Brand Building, with Jarrett Thomas (Part 2)

Jul 28 2020 | 00:15:31


Show Notes

Are you making tons of calls and going through the motions?

Or are you learning from the experience, feedback, and making shifts?

How are you doing on changing your strategy from outbound grinding to inbound relationship building?

Check out part 2 of my conversation with Jarrett – where we cover these topics. He is such a relational salesperson, and he shares his focus on driving inbound calls.

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Jarrett’s Bio

I’ve been in digital sales for close to 10 years and have experience selling Display advertising, SEO, Saas, programmatic Ads & Social Media Analytics. I’ve had the pleasure to work with brands like Overstock, HFC, Radio City Music Hall, CannTrust, Canadian Paralympics, Lionsgate Films, and many more.

I’m more than a sales quota, I’m a father, brother, friend, colleague, and the type person that is willing to go the extra mile to help someone in need. My work ethic is something I truly hang my hat on and I’m continuously looking for ways to better myself both personally and professionally. I’m all about building genuine relationships and doing good business that helps all involved.

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