April 17, 2019


[E1] Week 1: Welcome to TSEP

[E1] Week 1: Welcome to TSEP
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[E1] Week 1: Welcome to TSEP

Apr 17 2019 | 00:08:15


Show Notes

Like any new relationship, let’s start with an introduction and set some expectations. Yes, I know that’s not sexy, but it’s important. Find out what The Sales Experience Podcast will focus on, who it is for, how long they will be, and how often they will be released.

And yes…there are already a lot of sales-related podcasts, but our focus is a bit different.

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Episode 1 – Transcript

Welcome to The Sales Experience podcast. My name is Jason Cutter and my goal is to help you and your company improve the sales experience that converts prospects into customers. This is episode number one, and I want to start off by explaining what this show will be about and what you can expect.

First, what exactly is the Sales Experience? In the call center world, especially when it comes to customer service, the popular term is CX – Customer Experience. The marketing world has started to adopt this term as well, treating the Customer Experience as something that starts with the initial marketing and continues all the way through the buying and fulfillment process.

There are plenty of great resources and podcasts for each of the parts of the customer journey, except for sales. There are of course countless other sales podcasts…but how many look at the sales experience that a the sales rep and company create, and what the prospect goes through.

I have been thinking about this podcast for a while. I hesitated in starting it because I kept wondering if there really was a need for another sales related podcast.

Then I realized the answer is hell yes. Why hell yes? Because just like there are tons of podcasts, speakers, authors, and gurus out there to listen to, read, and follow – there are even more people who are looking for information and resources.

And I will tell you based on my experience, not every voice out there is a match for all the people who want to listen and learn. I know for me there are some podcasts, YouTube stars, and gurus that I just do not enjoy. There are others where their message does not fit with either my goals or my focus in business and sales.

And there are others that I truly enjoy absorbing their content because it resonates with me. There are also others that I used to like and have moved on from, and even more that I am discovering constantly.

If you find my information and my personality to be a match for what you enjoy and are looking for, then welcome to the Sales Experience Podcast family. Feel free to email, and I hope you subscribe, listen to each episode as it gets published, and even leave reviews and comments.

If I am not your cup of tea – feel free to email me as well and I can give you some suggestions on which other people might be a better fit.

So what can you expect from The Sales Experience Podcast? My goal is to provide you with as much useful value as I can in each episode. I am not big on fluff. I will share some stories from time to time. Overtime you might get to know more about me and my background.

You can read more on my website or LinkedIn. But my goal isn’t to use this podcast as a way to talk about myself. My goal is to give you sales related insights that are designed to help if you are a salesperson or your team if you are a sales leader. While my perspective and experience has been from the world of inside sales call centers, most of what I will share can be applied to any type of selling situation.

My second goal is to keep these episodes under 10 minutes. This is for two reasons. The first is that everyone is busy and I want to make listening to this an easy thing you look forward to and not a time burden that must be planned out or scheduled. Of course I would love for you to make this a part of your daily routine.

The second reason is that my plan is to do them five days a week. In each episode I want to provide valuable tips without the fluff. If you cut the fluff and nonsense, then each episode should be shorter.

Of course I would love for you to make this a part of your daily routine. The second reason is that my plan is to do them five days a week. In each episode I want to provide valuable tips without the fluff. If you cut the fluff and nonsense, then each episode should be shorter.

No matter what my focus is on providing you value. Some episodes might be five minutes, others might be a five part, twenty minute long each, mini-series. And I might bring in special guests to talk about sales. I am not big on interview shows…because those always have a background storytelling section of info you could read online, and then some self-promotional bit. I prefer to just have a conversation that is fun and provides value. And I love to interact with others, so if you have someone that you want me to chat with, email me and let me know who they are.

I do not know what you do for living, if you are even in sales or maybe you are thinking of starting a career in sales. Maybe you run a small team of people who knocks on doors or a sales call center of 100 reps. Where ever you are in your journey in life relative to sales, I appreciate you listening to this podcast.

I hope you subscribe and listen to each episode. And not because of stats or ranking or my own ego. But because I feel that I have a duty to help make positive transformations in their life. I know it is what has made me amazing at sales in the past – because I cared about improving the lives of each prospect I spoke with.

And my hope is that if I can help even just one person transform their sales style or approach, or the way they manage their sales team, then I have done my job with my content. If I can help someone find more success and fulfillment in their journey through life, then I did my part.

Thank you for listening to this first episode. I know it wasn’t sales related, but the key to any successful relationship is setting expectations and goals.

Until next time, always remember that everything in life is sales and people will remember the experience you gave them.

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