Episode 329

November 12, 2020


[329] What Are You Afraid Will Come Up?

[329] What Are You Afraid Will Come Up?
Authentic Persuasion Show
[329] What Are You Afraid Will Come Up?

Nov 12 2020 | 00:14:51


Show Notes

Change equals danger. What are you holding back in your sales conversation? Whether it’s signing up for your service or buying your products, that requires a change in trying something new. Nothing is perfect, so there are risks and mistakes involved when taking these chances. In this episode, I talk about how salespeople should disclose the negatives of their products or services during the sales pitch and how there is always some sort of trade-off where a product can be perfect at a high cost. A reflection of your sales conversation from the outside is needed to understand why you are afraid that bringing up the flaws would lose a sale. Learn more about how selling can relate to the situation of mentioning the highlights when dating, but also how being open and honest helps to prevent buyers’ remorse.

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