Episode 328

November 11, 2020


[328] Field Sales Success in 2020, with Steven Benson

[328] Field Sales Success in 2020, with Steven Benson
Authentic Persuasion Show
[328] Field Sales Success in 2020, with Steven Benson

Nov 11 2020 | 00:37:12


Show Notes

What are you seeing now within the industry of Field Sales? What are you seeing with the trend at all of the field sales moving into inside sales?

A lot of people assume that field sales isn’t happening right now, and that’s definitely not the case. About 20 percent of customers have either gone out of the business or changed their go-to-market model in some way where they are no longer needed, and the other 80 percent are the most essential businesses in some way.

In this episode of the Authentic Persuasion Show, Jason Cutter will be interviewing Steve Benson, CEO, and founder of Badger Maps. Learn the strategies and tactics to be successful in Outside Sales. You'll learn practical tips on how to sell at peak performance, about Field Sales!

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